5 minutes walk from Namba Station on the Midosuji Line.
In the Namba/Dotonbori area,
if you want to enjoy delicious and affodable sushi,
visit to our sushi restaurant Maguro Ittetsu.
Enjoy seasonal ingredients cooked by skilled sushi cheff.
Starting at an incredible price of only 55 yen per piece!
Fresh and flavorful tuna starts at 88 yen per piece!
You can enjoy our sushi at a reasonable price.
With a friendly atmosphere, you are welcome weather your're dining alone or with company!
Feel free to come in anytime,
a homey sushi restaurant in town.

You can order one by one! Enjoy eating and comparing fresh tuna delivered directly from the production areas.

Maguro Ittetsu is dedicated to the quality and price of tuna. Every day, we source fresh, delicious tuna direct from Katsuura and the Goto Islands. Of course, there is no compromise just because it is cheap! You can enjoy eating and comparing various parts of tuna, from standard to rare parts.

A serious dish made by our experienced sushi chef. Assorted rare parts of tuna, 15 pieces.

To enjoy Maguro Ittetsu, these are the must-try!
Fatty tuna from around the collar bone, fatty tuna, medium-fatty tuna, Maguro, cheek meat, head meat, diaphragm meat, throat meat, albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, pickled maguro, maguro with kelp sashimi, spicy maguro, tuna avocado...etc.
An ALL tuna menu full of special tuna that only our restaurant can offer. Come and enjoy our cheff's specialties

Seasonal fish and delicious side dishes. We have a dish that goes well with your drink.

We proudly offer not only tuna, but also high quality seasonal seafood. Our speciality dishes go perfectly with our sake. We have a wide selection of drinks, including sake and shochu, so please have a blissful moment with your favourite drink.

TAKEOUT Takeaway available!

Perfect local specialty for friends and families
Top-grade sushi
Umaki Sushi(rolled sushi with eel and thick Japanese omelet wrapped in nori(seaweed))

For more information, please ask to our staff.

popular sushi restaurant with counter seating

The restaurant has only 26 seats at the counter! This is a homely sushi restaurant where you can casually drop in. First-timers and solo diners are also welcome!

For First-Time Visitors Only! If you tell us ”I saw the homepage!”, you'll get free 3 sushi pieces as our special offer!

※Please show this page to the staff when you come to the restaurant. ※Tuna, white meat, and salmon, 3 pieces.
※This may change depending on purchase status and inventory. ※Can be used on the same day even if you do not make a reservation. ※Cannot be used in conjunction with other services. ※Can also be used with card payment. ※3pieces per group.

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name
Sushi Maguro Ittetsu Sennichimae
Sennichimae Building 1F
1-9-20 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Business Hours
※Closed on Mondays
Telephone Number
Payment Method
Cash, Credit Card accepted (VISA, Master, JCB,AMEX,Diners)
QR Code Payment possible (PayPay)
Electronic Money not accepted
26 seats, all seats non-smoking